Everything You Need To Know About International Cat Day


The 8th of August has been designated as "International Cat Day," a time to honor one of man's most common and oldest pets. They have even been regarded as deities and prayed to (we see you, Egypt.) Cats are one of the coolest beings on the planet because they are independent, inquisitive, adventurous, have amazing physiognomy, and have the power to heal themselves on their own — at least the majority of the time. This is not a surprise because cats are one of the coolest beings on the planet.

Activities In Honor Of International Cat Day

1. Make Time To Help Those In Need

There are a lot of stray cats all over the world, so what better way to show them some love and respect than by bringing them some food and supplies on their day of need?

2. Devote Some Of Your Time To Your Adorable Little Critters

If you are a cat owner, International Cat Day is the ideal occasion for you to celebrate your furry friend and shower them with affection.

3. Show Them Some "Catness" In Your Behaviour

Remember to treat cats with respect and kindness even if you don't like them, and use this as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of respecting cats on your various social media platforms.

Here Are Five Interesting Facts About Cats That Just Might Blow Your Mind.

1. The Purr With The Most Volume!

Merlin, a Black and White Cat who lives in the United Kingdom, currently holds the record for the loudest purr, with a 67.8db purr.

2. Quicker Than You Might Think

Your little kitten is capable of reaching speeds of approximately 30 miles per hour!

3. The Cat With The Most Money In Town!

The book "Guinness World Records" claims that when Blackie's millionaire owner passed away, he inherited a fortune worth seven million pounds.

4. It's Not That Sweet 

Cats don't have the ability to taste sweetness, which explains why they have no interest in anything sweet.

5. Have A Nice Day!

The scientific community is of the opinion that cats do not communicate with one another through their meows, with the exception of young cats sharing with their mothers.

Why We Are So Excited That It's International Cat Day

1. We Love All Living Beings

Holidays such as this one highlight the fact that the majority of humans have a healthy respect for and affection for cats, despite the fact that there are some people who do not share this view.

2. A Lovely Reminder

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we are the most important beings on the planet, but here's a lovely reminder that we are not alone, and because of that, we have a responsibility to respect the rights of other beings and do our part, beginning with our pets.

3. Fuzzy Stress Relievers

Simply by existing, cats have been shown to benefit people's mental health by acting as a source of stress relief. Stroking a fluffy feline can stimulate the production of hormones in our bodies that lower stress.

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