Wrinkles Above the Lips: The Best Treatments & Prevention


Your first exquisite line is etched in your mind forever. Of course, wrinkles, like the act of ageing, are attractive, and there's nothing wrong with them. However, the appearance of fine lines frequently signals a shift in many of our skincare journeys, including mine, and this can include experimenting with new treatments (both of the professional and the at-home variety).

Fine wrinkles around the top lip area, in particular, can be difficult to avoid as well as correct. (When it comes to wrinkle prevention, we hear a lot about eye treatments and how to avoid crow's feet as we get older, but not nearly enough about mouth wrinkles.)

Tips to Prevent the Wrinkles Above the Lips

we've broken it all down for you below. keep reading to learn about the best techniques to cure and prevent small lines around the lips.


Injectables, particularly hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, are one of the most prevalent treatments for undesirable ageing signs. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by our bodies' cells, but its production declines as we age.

Surfacely injected fillers will plump up the skin and fill in tiny wrinkles around the mouth area without providing a bulky, unnatural appearance. Of course, the amount of filler used varies from person to person, and your dermatologist can help you decide which problem areas to target.

Oil Massages

Give yourself a tiny facial with this ultra-hydrating oil for an easy at-home treatment.

Oils are well-known for their anti-aging properties, as they protect cells from free radical damage and are often high in antioxidants. Most importantly, hydrating your skin is the most effective way to avoid wrinkles.

Technically, anything from coconut oil to grapeseed oil to olive oil will suffice—really, any oil will suffice. (You can find our favourite facial oils here if you prefer to keep those components in the kitchen.) Simply use your fingertips to massage a generous amount into the fine wrinkles around your lips and leave it on overnight for a plumper appearance.

Laser Resurfacing

Sunspots and acne scars, for example, can be treated with lasers, as can stretch marks and skin growths—and, most importantly, fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser treatments melt the skin's thin outer layers by employing continuous light beams or pulsed energy. As a result, collagen is produced, resulting in younger-looking, smoother, and softer skin beneath once it has healed. There are numerous types of laser treatments available, each with its own price range and required downtime, and you should talk with your dermatologist to determine which one is best for you.

Lemon Juice

It may sound strange, but acid tightens skin cells, and the antioxidants in citrus fruits combat free radicals while also promoting collagen formation. As a result, lemon juice is an excellent at-home treatment for fine lines and wrinkles—and unlike crow's feet, you won't have to worry about putting it in your eyes.

Use the juice of any citrus fruit—limes or pineapples, for example—to dab onto the problem region using your fingertips or a Q-tip.

A Collagen-Based Serum

Collagen, like Hyaluronic acid, is a substance that our bodies generate in decreasing amounts as we age.

It's one of the most vital proteins for maintaining good skin, as well as preventing wrinkles and dryness, as you've probably heard. Collagen is essential for maintaining the flexibility and hydration of our skin, as well as our connective tissues and muscles.

Try a night serum that's high in collagen to stay up with your collagen levels. (Here are some of our personal favourites.) As a quick, at-home routine, apply it every night after cleaning and toning, then follow with an ultra-hydrating moisturiser.


Microneedling, like laser treatments, works by "triggering" the skin to manufacture collagen.

Microneedling is a procedure that involves pricking the skin with ultra-fine, tiny needles to stimulate collagen production and expose firmer, smoother skin beneath.

This is a professional treatment that you should only consider after consulting a dermatologist. While we enjoy at-home microneedling equipment, if this is your first time, it might be best to leave it to the professionals.

Prevention Steps

Only preventing tiny lines around the upper lip area is better than properly treating them. And whether it's from your excessively cautious mother or a dermatology specialist, you've certainly heard many of these preventative methods before.

The movement of puckering your mouth area actually accelerates the breakdown of suppleness and collagen, two things your skin desires to battle indications of ageing.

The same is true for smoking, whether it's traditional cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. This isn't limited to mouth motions; nicotine is thought to constrict blood vessels in general, limiting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. Smoking is bad for your skin no matter how you slice it.

Furthermore, the value of sunscreen cannot be emphasised, particularly when it comes to wrinkle prevention. UV rays have been scientifically proven to promote premature ageing, which is why a good daily facial SPF is essential. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: you should put sunscreen on your face every day, especially if you want to avoid fine wrinkles.

Finally, by "paralysing" the targeted muscles, Botox is one of the most effective techniques to prevent fine lines and wrinkles before they appear. (Don't panic; a pro will ensure that the results are subtle rather than frightening.) Consult your dermatologist to learn more about your choices.

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