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We at GrabNewStyle, believe in the power of sharing something good with others. We believe in continuous improvement and try to bring the best that the internet has to offer to our audiences. Across many categories, our seasoned team produces one of the most engaging and authentic contents available online. 

Be it news, entertainment, hacks, technology, household, travel, fashion, or any other trending category, we have the best content you can find online. We aim at helping the online community with authentic, inclusive, exciting, and creative content that inspires positive change for better living standards. 

Here at our website, a huge number of tech junkies, fashion lovers, travel enthusiasts, and people from all walks of life visit every day in search of relatable content. It helps satisfy their reading skills and passion. If you’re willing to write for us travel blogs call my fashion blogs or any other shopping-related blogs, your main job is to satisfy our readers.

Are You Ready To Write For Us?

We have a talented team of professional editors, bloggers, and content creators who produce high-quality content every day. Nevertheless, we believe growth is a good factor for business improvement. Our team may not know the details that you can provide. Or, you may have more information about some sections on our website.

Therefore, we have created our write for us page where blogging experts can attract our readers by sharing content. This is a two-way ship that may help you connect with PR intermediaries effortlessly. You can become one of our frequent contributors if you like.

However, we have shared a set of guidelines to help you meet the standards our writers need. To motivate you further, we have also discussed the benefits you can have in return.

How to Write For Us?

  • Give attention to the grammar and punctuation of your blog as it makes you sound professional.
  • Try to write content that requires less editing and is free of mistakes.
  • We do not support plagiarism and request you to produce authentic content only.
  • Add attractive titles and headings in your blogs to make sure readers do not get bored.
  • Create a worthwhile introduction that stops our readers from reading your article without completing it.
  • Keep a professional and conversational tone that synchronizes ideally with the flow of content.

What to Remember?

This point is to help you understand the type of content we publish on our website. Before you start writing your blog, article, or any other piece of content, go through the following.

  • We always prefer first-person content based on statistics and analysis.
  • Give attention to the topics discussed below, as these are our major sections.
  • Our word count varies according to the topic of your article and the idea you share. For instance, articles between 700 – 1000 words are acceptable.
  • However, for informative and technical blogs, we recommend you to write no less than 1200 words.
  • To increase the readability of your content, try to keep paragraphs short to 3 – 4 lines only.
  • Mention as many subheadings as you can for a better understanding of the topic.
  • To increase the quality of your content, try to add relevant hyperlinks.
  • Try to add royalty-free images or select pictures that you own.
  • We do not support plagiarism and suggest you check your content on Copyscape.
  • When submitting your content, make sure to attach it in a word file.

By making sure of all these points, you will have more chances of getting the content published.

Why Write For Us?

Guess blogging is considered one of the most important factors for business growth. We have highlighted the positive aspects of writing for us.
Higher Chances of Connecting With Quality Traffic

By writing to us, you can boost the quality of your traffic. Serious and authentic readers on our website will most probably engage with you based on your content.
Increasing the Number of Subscribers

Creating high-quality blogs gives you maximum chances of finding interested subscribers. Soon after publishing a blog on our page, your fan base may start increasing.

Boosting the Domain Authority

Google tends to boost the rank of high-quality content pages with time. Henceforth, writing for us may lead to the improvement of your website rank easily.
Our Most Recommended Write for Us Topics

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Health and fitness
  • Sports and gaming
  • Science and technology
  • Travel
  • Digital marketing
  • News and business
  • Online shopping
  • Electronics and gadgets

How to Submit?

If you’re planning to write for us, share your article or idea at [email protected].

Before You Leave

Soon after you have finalized your submissions, they will reach our editing team. Then, our editors will go through your content and check if all the guidelines are met.

If your content requires any editing, we will get back to you through email. However, if our editing team accepts your content, we will publish it directly. Keep in mind, we will process your article within 10 business days.

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