Activities On National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day


Every year on August 4, people around the world celebrate World Cookie Day by eating cookies! When we're feeling nostalgic, we can just bite into a Chocolate Chip Cookie and be taken back to our childhoods, where the days were long and the milk was always cold.

We have sampled Chocolate Chip Cookies both hot and melty from the oven and cold and chewy from the grocery store. It doesn't matter how you like your Chocolate Chip Cookies, we can all agree that this particular triple-C treat is among our all-time favourites.

History Of Chocolate-Chip Cookie Day 

The Toll House in Whitman, Massachusetts is credited with accidentally creating the first chocolate chip cookie. In 1938, Ruth Graves Wakefield had the brilliant idea of adding chunks of a chocolate bar to her batch of chocolate cookies. Surprisingly, the chocolate did not incorporate well into the cookie and instead filled it with delicious chocolate chunks.

A series of fortunate events led to the development of the Chocolate Chip Cookie and the establishment of the Toll House brand. Many variants of the cookie, some using white chocolate and some using dark chocolate, were developed over time to satisfy the growing demand for tasty new treats.

The popularity of Ruth Graves's chocolate chip cookie recipe increased. One day, Nestle reached out to her and offered to include her cookie recipe on their package in exchange for a lifetime supply of free cookies, which she gladly accepted.

What To Do On National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

 1. Make Some Cookies

The best way to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is to bake up a batch of your favourite chocolate chip cookies, whether you use premade cookie dough from the store or make your own from scratch. Sample one fresh from the baking sheet to savour the melted chocolate and chewy cookie texture.

2. Share Some Cookies With Your Mates

However, you can still celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day with the people you care about even if you don't enjoy baking at home. Whether they're homemade or from the store, a dozen cookies shared amongst friends is a surefire way to show them some love. Toss together some care packages for loved ones or host a cookie exchange with your closest pals; just don't forget the milk!

3. Visit Multiple Bakeries

For bakeries, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is a great opportunity to hand out free samples of their most popular cookie. With a friend in tow, you should stop by every bakery in the area on August 4. 

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