Campsite Safety Tools at Outback Equipment for a Secure Trip


Arranging a camping trip is a thrilling experience, but to make it pleasurable, safety must come first. A wide range of campground safety gear are available from Outback Equipment, ensuring a worry-free and safe trip into the bush. Their selection includes everything required to protect explorers and ensure peace of mind while enjoying the great outdoors, from emergency kits to sturdy gear and navigation aids.

Campsite Safety Tools at Outback Equipment

Delve in and learn about campsite safety tools at Outback Equipment for your own safety!

The First Response Fire Extinguisher

The lightweight and effective First Response Fire Extinguisher from Outback Equipment is made for quick fire suppression during crises. This dependable extinguisher ensures safety on every outdoor trip with its user-friendly design, which makes it appropriate for a variety of conditions. It gives piece of mind. Secure It Now!

Drive Fire Blanket - 1.2m X 1.8m

With 1.2 x 1.8 m effective coverage, Outback Equipment's Drive Fire Blanket is a multipurpose safety need. This flame-retardant blanket is an essential safety item for camping excursions since it offers quick protection against minor flames and acts as a dependable shield in an emergency. Secure It Now!

Glo-X Illuminating Sign Marker

The sturdy, glow-in-the-dark Glo-X Illuminating Sign Marker from Outback Equipment improves visibility at campsites. Due to its long-lasting luminosity, which makes it simple to identify locations, pathways, equipment, and vital points in low light, it increases safety. Secure It Now!

Dashboard Compass

The Dashboard Compass from Outback Equipment is a dependable navigation tool that's perfect for outdoor adventures. This little yet reliable compass is a must-have for anybody venturing into new areas when enjoying the great outdoors, since it provides precise directions. Secure It Now!

Oztrail Colour Change Flames 25g

The Oztrail Colour Change Flames (25g) from Outback Equipment are useful and amusing fire starters. For campers of all ages, these color-changing flames not only light fires quickly but also provide them a pleasing visual aspect that makes camping more fun. Secure It Now!


Outback Equipment's extensive selection of finely manufactured equipment and gear demonstrates their dedication to campground safety. Their goods offer a safe and comfortable camping experience, from fire extinguishers and fire blankets for quick action to illuminated markers improving visibility and dependable navigation aids. Adventurers may travel with confidence when they have Outback Equipment's safety gear with them since they know they can manage unanticipated circumstances and guarantee a safe outdoor experience.

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