This Is Why Butcher Box Worth The Money


Butcher Box is a meat, fish, and poultry subscription service that delivers fresh, high-quality cuts every month.

This company is particularly popular among people looking for a convenient way to order premium meats in bulk or add more protein variety to their diet, as it offers a variety of plans and subscription options.


Even so, you might wonder if it's worth the money.

This article examines Butcher Box, including how it operates, who should try it, and other pertinent information.

How Does Butcher Box Work?

Butcher Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you a variety of high-quality meat, fish, and poultry cuts.

You can easily select the types of meat and box size you want when placing your order.

You can also choose specific cuts or preparations of meat for each order, such as ground beef or pork, chicken drumsticks, breakfast sausage, bacon, and beef or salmon burgers, with the custom plan.

You can choose to receive a box every 4, 6, or 8 weeks, and you can change your order frequency online.

Butcher Box plan and subscription options

Butcher Box offers a variety of plans, including:


Custom box: Beef, chicken, pork, and wild-caught seafood are all available.

Mixed box: A variety of beef, chicken, and pork cuts

Beef and pork: Ground beef, sirloin steaks, and tenderloin are among the various cuts of these two meats.

Beef and chicken: Drumsticks, chicken breasts, and strip steaks are among the various cuts of these two meats.

All beef: Steak tips, chuck roast, and sirloin steaks are among the various cuts of beef available.

You can choose between the classic and the big box. Custom orders are a little bit bigger.

The classic box contains 8–11 pounds (3.6–5 kg) of meat for most plans, while the big box contains 16–22 pounds (7.3–10 kg). In the classic and big boxes, custom orders weigh 9–14 pounds (4–6.4 kg) and 18–26 pounds (8.2–11.8 kg), respectively.

You can order add-ons such as packs of salmon, ground beef, and breakfast sausage for an additional fee in addition to the meats included in your box. Click here to choose your ButcherBox Subscription Plan.


Butcher Box has a wide selection of fresh and frozen meat, fish, and poultry cuts.


Grass-fed beef, organic chicken, heritage-breed pork, and wild-caught seafood are among the high-quality items available.

Each order of the custom box allows you to select 6–12 cuts of meat, fish, and poultry, making it simple to tailor each box to your specific needs.

The meat is flash frozen, packaged, shipped to distribution centers, and delivered after slaughter. Meats are never kept on shelves for any length of time, according to the company, in order to maximize freshness and quality.

Customers receive their food in insulated boxes to keep it fresh during transit.

It's best to keep your meats refrigerated or frozen within 6–8 hours of delivery. If you want a high-quality meat, Shop here.


Butcher Box eco-friendly packaging is used to deliver orders in order to promote sustainability and reduce waste.

In fact, all orders are delivered in fully recyclable boxes made of recyclable materials.

Rather than using insulated bags, the company's boxes now have built-in insulation — with or without dry ice — to keep food cool during transport. 


The cost of a Butcher Box is determined by the plan you choose and the size of the box.

The classic box costs $129 for most plans, while the big box costs $238. They provide about 24 or 48 meals per person, respectively.

The custom plan costs $149 and $270 for the classic and big boxes, respectively, and includes slightly more meat and allows you to choose the cuts you receive.


Packs of salmon, beef, bacon, or sausage, for example, are available for an additional fee.

Regardless of the plan you choose, Butcher Box offers free shipping on all orders. Click here to shop ButcherBox meat.

Who should give Butcher Box a try?

Butcher Box is a convenient way to get fresh meat delivered directly to your door, with free shipping and recurring deliveries. It is, however, not for everyone.

Who Butcher Box might be useful for:

  • Those who consume meat on a regular basis: If you eat meat on a regular basis and want to order in bulk or try new cuts and varieties, Butcher Box could be a good choice.
  • Those who prefer premium cuts of meat: People who prefer high-quality meats, such as grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and wild-caught seafood, will love Butcher Box.
  • This is especially beneficial if you live in an area where these options are scarce.
  • Those who might be helped by grocery delivery: Butcher Box may be useful for you if you are busy, work long hours, or need help with grocery shopping.


Where does ButcherBox's meat come from?

ButcherBox's meat is sourced from all over the United States and the world. The beef is from Australia, and the chicken is from farms all over the United States. Their fish is caught in the wild all over the country.

Is Butcher Box less expensive than the supermarket?

Butcher Box can actually save you money if you compare the prices of grass-fed meat at the grocery store. Plus, the quality and convenience of Butcher Box meats far outweighs that of grass-fed meat from the grocery store!

Is ButcherBox trustworthy?

Yes, ButcherBox is completely reliable. I completely trust their sourcing process if you're looking for high-quality meat that's organic, grass-fed, and antibiotic-free. They collaborate with incredible farmers to source high-quality meat!

Can i cancel ButcherBox?

You can easily pause or cancel your ButcherBox subscription. When we moved, we had to put ours on hold for a few months, and it was very simple to do. You can also pause or postpone your shipment! You are not obligated to them for any period of time. Shop now.

Is ButcherBox worth it?

ButcherBox, in my opinion, is well worth the money. It seems like a no-brainer to me, given the convenience, excellent meat quality, and reasonable price!

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