How To Celebrate National Burger Day At Work


That sounds like a burger: a taste of heaven between two buns. All sources agree that it's not clear why May 28 is called "National Burger Day," but let's not complain about the lack of historical clarity. Instead, let's focus on what's important about this tasty food day: it's an excuse to grab a burger!

If you missed this wonderful day, don't worry. No one really needs an excuse to eat a tasty burger, anyway.

Where The Hamburger Came From

The hamburger is a symbol of American fast food, but you might be surprised to learn where it came from. The humble burger has been around since Genghis Khan's army camps and German steamships coming into New York Harbor.

How To Have Fun At Work On National Burger Day In 2022

Having burgers delivered to the office is already a lot of fun, but if you want to celebrate National Burger Day, an employee's birthday, or just have a good time, here are some great ideas to get the whole office involved and satisfy your craving for something greasy.

 A Contest To Name A Burger

You got it right! Why not have a contest on National Hamburger Day (or whenever you feel like it) to see who can come up with the craziest names for burgers? Even better, you could vote on the best idea for a burger and then make it. It's a great way to get everyone in the office to work together and help them get to know each other.

Bring A Hamburger

On national burger day, have everyone in the office bring a burger to work or take a picture of a crazy burger they made. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could ask them to make a dish with ingredients from their culture to make it more interesting.

Give A Dessert Burger A Try

The dessert burger is a growing food trend, and there's no reason the office can't have an afternoon get-together with these on a platter. Want Nutella, ice cream, popping candy, and Mars bars between two brioche buns? You can put all of your favorite things into this fun burger.

Hold A Slider Party

At this point, it's clear that everyone likes burgers. So why not get your staff some mini burgers for lunch? Everyone gets to try a few different kinds of burgers, from classic bacon cheeseburgers to crispy chicken burgers, as well as some chips and salad.

Salad Can Help You Make Friends

Just as important as the burger itself is what comes with it. Make sure there are a lot of options for people to choose from, whether you're serving fries and pickles or some fresh and tasty salads.

Don't Forget Vegans And Vegetarians

So what if you're a vegetarian or vegan and want to eat an all-American hamburger? No problem. There are so many choices these days! There are many recipes for vegan burgers that can be used to make meals without meat. So, it's important to have some vegetarian and vegan burgers in your spread so that no one goes hungry for lunch.

You could be shocked. No matter what the theme or event is, it's always important to make sure those with special diets are taken care of.

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