Packing Guide for Women's: Morocco


So you've bought your plane ticket to Morocco and perused thousands of wanderlust-inspiring photos... the next question on your mind is probably what to bring with you to Morocco. Despite my habit of overpacking, one thing you should know about me is that I only travel with a carry-on bag. This necessitates careful consideration of what you pack in your bag! I've compiled a comprehensive list of everything you'll need for your trip to Morocco, fortunately for you.

What to Pack for Morocco: 


There are two major factors that influence the type of clothing you should bring to Morocco. To begin with, Morocco is a conservative country. This means that, for the most part, jean shorts and a teeny-tiny tank top aren't appropriate or respectful. Second, many parts of Morocco have a desert climate, which means it is very hot during the day and very cold at night. Many people believe that Morocco is hot all of the time, but this is not the case!


When it comes to tops, stay away from anything too revealing. Thicker tank tops (3 fingers thick for reference) were generally acceptable, but I always had a sarong or jean jacket on hand to throw over them. It's also a good idea to have a few cute t-shirts and long-sleeve tops on hand! I brought one of my favourite Forever 21 polka tops, which was ideal for the desert's cooler morning temperatures!


While shorts may be acceptable in some of Morocco's larger cities, I chose to wear only longer bottoms. I packed the following bottoms in addition to a number of jumpsuits

  • 3 pairs of light-weight, flowy pants
  • 1 pair of jeans with a light wash (for the flight over)
  • a single pair of leggings (for overnight buses)


When it came to packing for this trip, I was all about the dresses and jumpsuits. I love finding pieces that are both airy and light while still providing adequate coverage (remember, this is a more conservative country). TJ Maxx and Crossroads, both great options for quality items on a budget, had a lot of these pieces.

  • 2 maxi gowns
  • 1 dress in the mid-length
  • 3 jumpsuits (full length)


Morocco, as I previously stated, gets cold! And I don't mean mildly cold; I mean bitterly cold, particularly during the winter months. The weather was definitely on the warmer side when I visited in April, but the evenings were quite cool.

Jean Jacket:

When I'm travelling (and always), I like to wear jean jackets because they keep me warm while still looking cute over dresses and flowier outfits.


I'm going to put this in the jacket category, despite the fact that I wear it all the time! If you're wondering what to bring to Morocco, a sarong should be at the top of your list! This is a great piece to have as a scarf, a blanket on cold buses and trains, and to cover your shoulders when entering religious sites!

Warmer Jacket:

I needed something light enough for cooler evenings but not too heavy. Artizia's green military jacket was my choice. This is a great transitional jacket that is lightweight and great for layering.

Down Jacket:

Now, this will obviously depend on what month you visit, but if you visit during one of the colder months, you will DEFINITELY need a warm jacket if you plan on visiting the desert. I adore travelling with my Patagonia Nano Puff! It is not only extremely warm, but it also squishes down to almost nothing (great for carry-on only packing).


Many of the riads in Marrakech will have swimming pools, so bring your swimsuit! Bikinis are definitely appropriate, but I also brought a one-piece just in case.


This one should go without saying, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to overlook these guys! I accidentally arrived in a country wearing only a pair of underwear... oops!

What to Pack for Morocco: 


Don't make the mistake of bringing too many pairs of shoes or a pair that you'll only wear once! It's critical to choose a small number of pairs that are comfortable, cute, and versatile. I chose three pairs of shoes for my 12-day trip to Morocco: Steven Madden brown booties, simple Steven Madden brown sandals, and a pair of white Converse.

Casual Sandals

I'm completely smitten with these sandals! I've been wearing them for years and even purchased a second pair after my first pair was ruined while trekking in Cambodia's muddy jungle! They've even improved them to make them more comfortable!

Walking Shoes

My go-to travel sneaker is a pair of white Converse. While they won't provide the support you need for a full-on workout, they are ideal for a long day of walking while remaining fashionable. They're also less bulky than a lot of other sneaker options.

Dressy Shoes

I needed a shoe that was both comfortable to walk in and stylish enough for the more upscale restaurants and hotels on the itinerary. The booties were ideal, especially for the cooler evenings. Unfortunately, the pair I was wearing was a few years old and is no longer available for purchase, but there are plenty of similar options.

What to Pack for Morocco: 



The type of camera that I use is one of the most frequently asked questions. While I have an older Nikon that I enjoy shooting with at home, the Sony a6000 is my go-to travel camera! Because it is a mirrorless camera, it is extremely light and simple to use! There's also a built-in WiFi feature, which allows me to transfer photos to my phone in a matter of seconds! While it is not a cheap camera, it is less expensive than many of the DSLR options currently available. Another feature I adore about this camera is that it is a little more discrete. Carrying a large camera around the souks of Marrakech will definitely make you stand out. This little guy is a little more compact and discrete in my opinion.

Water Bottle

I always travel with a reusable water bottle as a budget traveller! Many hostels provide free filtered water, which is an excellent way to save money. In many countries, a bottle of water costs the same as, if not more than, a can of beer. Instead, I'll take the free water and two beer cans!

I fell in love with Vapur after purchasing my first bottle while hiking Annapurna Base Camp (Nepal) in 2014. The bottle is 1 litre, BPA-free, and as light as they come! It literally collapses into oblivion. My friends tease me about how it resembles a bladder, but it is, in my opinion, the best travel water bottle.


Any of my readers who frequently stay in hostels will understand the problem of only having one outlet. It's not unusual for a hostel dorm room to have a limited number of outlets. You might get your own personal outlet if you're lucky, but is one really enough? When you have a phone, laptop, camera, e-reader, and so on, it becomes more difficult. I love having a multi-USB adapter with me when I travel! This allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously while only using one outlet.

What to Pack for Morocco: 


Toiletries are something that a lot of people struggle with when packing. As I previously stated, when it came to packing for Morocco, I had to make sure that everything would fit into a carry-on bag. I'm sure most of you are aware that liquids larger than 3 oz. are prohibited onboard (100 ml).


I didn't switch to shampoo and conditioner bars until my 5-month backpacking trip through Asia.. I bought a few bars from LUSH Cosmetics and I think it's safe to say I'm hooked and won't be going back! These bars are incredibly simple to pack and last a long time! I've found that one bar lasts me about two months of daily washing. The Montalbano Shampoo Bar ($10.95/bar) and the Jungle Conditioner Bar ($11.95/bar) are two of my favourites.


I always bring wipes with me when I travel! I usually carry two packs, one for my face and the other for my entire body. You never know when you'll walk into a bathroom and realise you're out of wipes... a common problem in a place like Morocco. It's best to be prepared at all times.


It's always a good idea to bring any medications you might need with you. The less glamorous side of travelling is that many travellers experience stomach issues while in Morocco, so bring anti-diarrhea medication just in case.

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