Tips to Choose the Best Gym Clothes For Women


Workout gear is so fashionable that it has evolved into a way of life, giving rise to athleisure. However, workout gear not only looks great, but it also improves workout performance.

The best workout clothing is the kind that you forget about once you start working out. If your clothes make you feel self-conscious or restricted during your workouts, you are much more likely to quit.

So, here's a rundown of what you should look for when shopping for workout clothes.

Appropriate Activity

While you could wear the same clothes to every workout, some types of exercise will be more enjoyable if you dress appropriately. Cycling shorts, for example, are padded and can make long bike rides much more comfortable; however, they aren't always the best choice of clothing for running or group exercise classes. Running shorts are also inappropriate for cycling because they lack padding and are prone to bunching and chafing. Wear clothing that is specifically designed for the activity you want to do, and you will be much more comfortable. This "rule" also applies to footwear, which will be discussed further below.


Workout clothing should be unrestrictive, easily vented to prevent overheating, "forgettable" once on, and specifically designed for your chosen workout. Thick seams, restrictive or tight sleeves, and a back that rides up when you lean forward can all detract from your workout experience. Try on your workout clothes before purchasing to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.


If you exercise outside, or even indoors in some cases, you may need to wear two layers of exercise clothing during the cold winter months. While you could invest in a winter-exercise wardrobe, it's more cost-effective to be able to combine layers from your regular wardrobe.

Layering also allows you to remove an item of clothing as you warm up to regulate your temperature. If you're going to layer, wear close-fitting bottom layers and looser-fitting top layers. If you're going to exercise outside in the cold, don't forget to bring a hat and gloves.


If you work out outside at night, your clothing should make you visible to other road users. Bright colours and reflective strips are required. While black may be flattering, it can also be flattening if you are invisible to other road users.

Wear bright reflective clothing for your nighttime workouts to ensure you are highly visible.

Wicking Stuff

Workout clothes are made from a variety of materials, ranging from good old-fashioned cotton to scientifically designed synthetic fibres that allow sweat to escape but not rain to infiltrate.

Wicking refers to a material's ability to direct sweat away from your skin and through the material for easy evaporation. This keeps your skin dry and comfortable.

Cotton and other natural fibres are not wickers by nature. Cotton clothing absorbs moisture like a sponge, whether it's sweat or rain. Cotton becomes heavy and cold when wet, loses its shape, and clings to your body. This means that the cold, wet fabric is next to your skin, cooling it and chafing it. When the muscles cool down, they may begin to cramp.

Many synthetic and so-called technical materials wick extremely well. Wicking materials are a good choice if you run, cycle, hike, or do any other type of workout where you will sweat.

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