5 Artificial Intelligence Ready Parts of Your Business


As we progress further into the digital age, it makes sense to investigate areas of our operations where we can implement digital solutions to boost performance. Although AI will never be able to fully replace humans in the workplace, it can serve as a useful tool for increasing output.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Your Business

Here are some places in your company where AI-based tools could be put to use right away.

Cyber Security

Attempts to penetrate your defences are getting more sophisticated and inventive as hackers gain access to more powerful tools. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the pace of change. By using AI to create warning systems, you can restrict access, prevent spam and malware from reaching employees, and thus reduce the likelihood of human error. Your staff can be reminded to update their anti-virus software and change their passwords on a regular basis by setting up alerts.

Marketing Strategy

You can zero in on your ideal clientele by analysing feedback from your current clientele. Artificial intelligence (AI) works faster and can parse more data, giving you significantly more targeted and personalised data to use in your marketing strategies. However, human oversight is still necessary, and you must be honest with your customers about the information you gather and use.

Supply Chain

Because of our limited perspective, we often miss opportunities to optimise the supply chain. A.I. can analyse your current procedure and provide suggestions for how to improve it, such as the use of drones and driverless warehouse carts, to save time and effort. Among its many useful applications, this programme lets you implement anomaly-detection tools, which can greatly cut down on the number of defective goods that make it out of the warehouse. Even if this becomes more automated in the future, humans will still be necessary to make sure everything is running smoothly and catch any problems.

Human Resources

The time commitment involved in recruitment means that most people simply can't give each application the thorough examination it merits. Artificial intelligence (AI) can assist with resume screening by filtering applications based on keywords, thus reducing the number of applications that need to be reviewed by humans. The quality of the resumes you receive for review should improve if you take care to avoid bias in the creation of these algorithms. AI can also be used to contact and schedule interviews with candidates before a more personal approach is warranted. By providing access to the actual interview calendar in a restricted format, this can help eliminate situations in which people are engaged in lengthy back-and-forths to find a time that works for both of them.

Customer Support

Supporting and communicating with customers are two of the most important areas where AI can be useful. Once again, human interaction is impossible to replicate in this context, but the process can be improved so that customers feel like they are being heard. While chatbots are useful for answering simple questions, AI can also be linked to a ticket creation system to enable customers to easily submit tickets detailing their problems for further processing. The next step is to notify the customer via email that their concern has been received and provide them with an estimated response time. Some forms of AI can also deduce the urgency of a response by listening to the speaker's tone of voice. Also, by considering the customer's tone, you can craft a more appropriate reply. This can help you connect with your audience and earn their trust.

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